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welcome to DUMITRADE.
The international distribution company

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We are a company specialized in the export of Italian Excellence where the strongest premise is the Made in Italy concept.

The Italian excellences are those products and services that best represent the Uniqueness of the Italian lifestyle, backed by a solid savoir-faire in Food & Beverages, Fashion, Design, Events, Travel and Luxurious whims.

Du.Mi.Trade S.r.l also provides consulting work to Italian manufacturers on:

  • Overseas sales strategies and expansion;
  • Export Market research and monitoring;
  • Marketing planning;
  • Identifying of overseas distributors;
  • Advice on oversea import regulations and required documentation;
  • International Insurance;
  • Elaboration of communications campaigns and participation in promotional events.

Siamo una società specializzata nell'esportazione di Eccellenze Italiane, il cui presupposto più forte è il concetto del Made in Italy.

Le eccellenze italiane sono quei prodotti e servizi che meglio rappresentano l'unicità dello stile di vita italiano, sostenuti da un solido savoir-faire in Cibo e Bevande, Moda, Design, Eventi, Viaggi e Capricci di Lusso.

Du.Mi.Trade Srl fornisce inoltre attività di consulenza ai produttori italiani su:

  • Strategie di vendita all'estero e di espansione;
  • Ricerca e monitoraggio Mercato di esportazione;
  • Pianificazione marketing;
  • Individuazione di distributori esteri;
  • Consigli su disposizioni per l'importazione d'oltremare e la documentazione richiesta;
  • International Insurance;
  • Elaborazione di campagne di comunicazione e di partecipazione ad eventi promozionali.

Somos una empresa especializada en la exportación de la Excelencia Italiana donde la premisa más fuerte es el concepto Made in Italy.

La excelencia italiana son los productos y servicios que mejor representan la singularidad del estilo de vida italiano, apoyados por un sólido conocimiento y experiencia en el campo de los Alimentos y Bebidas, Moda, Diseño, Eventos, Viajes y Caprichos de Lujo.

Du.Mi.Trade Srl también ofrece trabajo de consultoría a los fabricantes italianos en:

  • Estrategias de ventas en el extranjero y de expansión;
  • La investigación y el seguimiento del mercado de exportación;
  • Planificación de Marketing;
  • La identificación de los distribuidores en el extranjero;
  • Asesoramiento en la normativa de importación de ultramar y la documentación requerida;
  • Seguro Internacional;
  • Elaboración de campañas de comunicación y la participación en eventos de promoción.

Nous sommes une société spécialisée dans l'exportation de l'Excellence italienne, où la prémisse la plus forte est le concept Made in Italy.

L' excellence italienne, ce sont les produits et services qui représentent le mieux l'unicité du style de vie italien, soutenus par un savoir-faire solide dans les domaines de l'Alimentation et les Boissons, la Mode, le Design, les Evénements, les Voyage et les Caprices de Luxe.

Du.Mi.Trade Srl fournit également un travail de conseil aux fabricants italiens sur:

  • Des stratégies de ventes et de l'expansion à l'étranger;
  • La recherche et la surveillance des marchés d'exportation;
  • La Planification du marketing;
  • L'identification des distributeurs à l'étranger;
  • Conseils sur les règlements d'importation d'outre-mer et la documentation requise;
  • L'Assurance Internationale;
  • L'Elaboration de campagnes de communication et de participation à des événements promotionnels.
Our Team Features
Different skills to achieve great goals



Du.Mi.Trade's personnel is composed by a highly motivated team with diverse backgrounds, and with solid academic and professional experience that garner an impressive array of skills: Architecture, Design, Engineering, Sales, Marketing, Sommelier, Tourism, Management, Financial and Project management.



Du.Mi.Trade's staff accumulates more than 18 years of experience at the service of international customers of different latitudes, what allows us to better respond to the wide range of culturally-diverse needs, wishes and desires of our clients.



Du.Mi.Trade practices Good Will and supports fair trade.

products we deal with
Import and export products

Italian wine

Authentic wines with a balanced structure and mineral freshness, share the passion of winegrowers for making the wine express the best qualities that the “Terroir” and the diverse climatic factors can generate, with the winemaking techniques applied as result of an inherited tradition that takes us back to thousands of years.

Italian craft beers

Unique artisanal beers reflect the ability of small producers

Typical italian food

Italian cuisine is loved all over the world. Has developed through centuries of social and political changes, with roots as far back as the 4th century BC.

italian fashion

These products are garments that highlight the art of dressing and good taste in fashion that identify Italian culture. The Italian fashion is renowned and prestigious worldwide The positive image of the Italian Fashion reflects the love for good design, elegance and high quality fabrics. This category of products includes clothes for women and men of any age and with a good range of sizes. Among the proposed garments the following can be mentioned: Suits, shirts, t -shirts, short pants, slacks, dresses, swimsuits, uniforms for working with an elegant and fine touch very useful for hotels, restaurants, banks, hospitals and others.

new collections

New collection of apparel and accessories for her and for him


The clearance sale of new stock

agricultural machinery

Italy is a country of a high technological development of incontestable quality. Italy is one of the first producers of agricultural machinery in the world.

breweries equipment


modern egg-producing plants


sports gear


Our Services
Du.Mi.Trade S.r.l also provides consulting work to Italian manufacturers on:
  • Strategies

    Overseas sales strategies and expansion

  • Research

    Export Market research and monitoring

  • Marketing

    Marketing planning.

  • Identifying

    Identifying of overseas distributors

  • Advice

    Advice on oversea import regulations and required documentation

  • Insurance

    International Insurance.

  • Promotion

    Elaboration of communications campaigns and participation in promotional events.

Our Contact

Dip. import-export : +39 373 8807232
Amm. Italia : +39 011 9882730

Mail : info@dumitrade.com

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